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May 4, 2011
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Meme: Time Warp by Jenksss Meme: Time Warp by Jenksss
It was about time I did a redo of the time warp meme.
This has been sitting around for a couple days now and I felt like just finishing it. My style kind of jumps around in it since I kept leaving it and coming back to it.

Early Years
Theme song: Green Day - Brat.
• Was the most conniving little thing alive. Only looked cute, but was smart and would getcha.
• Could manipulate people well, even at a young age.
• Knew every dinosaur ever and could pronounce their scientific names off of the top of my head like it was nothing.
• Was determined to be a paleontologist.
• Loved Jurassic Park, Aliens, Tremors and Blue's Clues.
• Mom made me wear dresses. :I Hated them. Same with barrettes.
• Had lots of freckles.
• Eyes were intensely blue.

Elementary School
Theme song: Joan Jett - Bad Reputation.
• Could and would beat the hell out of you.
• Wore ridiculously mismatching 90s clothes. And loved them.
• Was sun burnt a lot. Hair got darker from the sun too.
• Lots of cuts and scrapes.
• Loved Conker's Bad Fur Day, Hamtaro, Pokemon, Jurassic Park and Powerpuff Girls.
• Had lots of leg surgery during these years, I just didn't draw any of it here.
• Still got the freckles! Just less of them.
• Eyes faded to a lighter blue.

Middle School - Early High School
Theme song: Blink-182 - Adam's Song.
• My whole wardrobe was black with black on top of black. And some red.
• Started dying my hair a lot.
• Very depressed, Often cut self or carved things into my body.
• Had a few suicide attempts.
• Hated just about everything in the first couple years.
• Slowly got better as High School came about, but when alone was very self-mutilating.
• Experimented with drinking and smoking.
• Missed lots of school - a combination of being sick ALL the time and just being depressed.
• Eyes turned green. Lost my freckles. Became paler from hardly showing skin.
• Mentally repressed a lot of what happened during those years, so it's hard to remember big events or details.
• Loved old rock music, Devil May Cry, Transformers, and self destructive things. From what I can remember.
• Was a bitter asshole to everyone. Mostly.

High School
Theme song: Metric - Black Sheep.
• FORCED myself to be happy.
• Bought a bunch of bright clothes to try and cover things up.
• Eventually this started to work and started to become whimsical again and enjoy life.
• At that point had dyed hair every possible color but straight out pink.
• Started a very serious relationship. And while it backfired on both of us, I wouldn't take it back for the world. Thanks for the experience man<3 We both grew a lot.
• Loved anything and everything retro or cartoon related. And ska and indie music. Also Team Fortress 2. Lots of it.
• Created Tango during these years and spent most free time mulling over his story.
• Drank less, but kept smoking.
• Eyes turned from green to gray, slowly. And gained some skin tone back.
• Drawing. Constantly. All the time. Aimed to be the best and wasn't going to let shit stop me. Could have conquered the world during these years, or so I thought.
• Collects hats.

Theme song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Warrior.
• Suddenly reality pistol whipped me.
• Depression came back, but not nearly as bad.
• Came out of the closet.
• Smokes. Doesn't really care though. We all have our vices. Even if it is stupid.
• Acts out in negative ways for attention often. Has this weird need to be kicked down a few pegs. It hasn't happened yet.
• Snarky. Very, very snarky. And very two-faced.
• Started to power trip on certain things and if not in control or the leader for things (depending) starts to get really pissed off. Mom always said to be a leader and not a follower, but it's getting out of control.
• Physical need to fight people is at an all time high.
• Becoming self destructive again. Is fine with it. Aware that it's stupid.
• Self esteem sinking dramatically.
• Loves My Little Pony, tentacles, cephalopods, bloody noses, cowboys and zombies.
• Eyes are completely gray now.
• Addicted to twizzlers and yogurt. Yet is lactose intolerant (-sob- yogurttt).
• Despite the negativity, still manages to be a jolly person to closest group of friends and wouldn't trade them for the freakin' world. <3

Oh boy, the more you know!
I feel like this was me venting about my life more than anything. :I
I didn't mean to make this dramatic. If it is.

Art (c) Me.
Meme (c) `thundercake.
Music Mood: Infant Sorrow - Bangers, Beans and Mash.

Here's the old one:
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HONEYBUN101 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
TMNT!!!!! CX
zoedow1120 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
I am sending you so many mind-hugs right now, you don't even know.
Jenksss Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:'3 Aw thank you so much <3
Cutiedevilgurl143 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
WildMysticSong Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Wow, you are a very strong and brave individual for being able to let complete strangers from the internet know all of this stuff about you. (I am in no means a stalker!) And I'm really touched that you would do this. I'm seriously in awe of you right now, just wow. I'm not going to give you the usual spiel 'bout the self-harm and suicidal thoughts thing 'cause you probably got that enough already. But I'm very happy that, although you are depressed again, that it is not as bad as before. I know from what you said above that you are not going to let this take you down, thank you for sharing this with me and everyone else here on da, you are a seriously amazing person.


Alright, now, I LOVE your art! It just looks so fun to me! I'm having a hard time describing it, I just love all of it, it's just...yayness! I just love the style, if they did a cartoon in this style I would watch, even if the plot was complete sh*t, just to see the characters in this style, I love it that much. There's just something in the style that makes me smile like a lunatic. I am really glad I found this, thank you thank you thank you for making this, thank you! 

Kunzai Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
This has touched me, but then it always does to see an artist bare her soul so bravely and honestly as this. You inspired me to make some preliminary scribbles about my own struggles and trials and the various "me's" that have been around thus far, but I'm afraid I'm not yet brave enough to tell my whole story. There's nothing of it in my gallery, just a lot of the false happiness that I began with in this account when I started it 9 years ago and haven't fully transitioned away from. Enough about me, I just wanted to express how much maturity, and creativity, and skill I found in this single "meme", though that seems too trivial a word for your masterful rendition of it. And I just wanted to say that my "now" looks eerily similar to yours even if the in-betweens had some major differences, or were at least a lot more delayed.
Jenksss Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahhh, I've kept this in my inbox for a while because I've been trying to think of something really nice to say back because wow, just thank you. ; v ;

I think that's a good idea though, to do little things about the journeys and hardships you are going through or have had in your life, like a a drawn diary. I know I certainly do it. Writing doesn't help me express and vent and tell so much as effectively as art does. Then it's also all there for you to look at at any time.
It can be really hard though to open up and show everything, whether its via art or talking or another form of media. There's still a lot about myself I haven't quite put out into the open, but doing it little by little has really helped. :> I think just the positive reinforcement I've gotten from people has helped a lot too. You never know what to expect when you post such personal things, but like the words you've given me it just makes me feel like more of a person and less of a bundle of problems. :') So thanks so much. <3

And as we as people continue to go through more transitions and experiences I really hope for the best for ya<3
JunkyardHound Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Is the fourth panel/picture a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World reference? 8D
Jenksss Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The song is from the movie. C:
JunkyardHound Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I KNEW it! I was all singing it.
You know, you're freaking epic.
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